StyroCOOL panels by StyroMAX are our flagship panel for the transport refrigeration industry.

StryoCOOL is our heritage and where it all began for StyroMAX. We’ve produced well over 5000 StyroCOOL panels for refrigerated truck bodies.

The chart below is our standard range of StryoCOOL panels. Transport refrigeration requirements can be quite complex at times, so please contact us for final analysis.


Can be used for:

  • Refrigerated Truck Bodies
  • Refrigerated Trailers
  • Cold Rooms
  • Eskies
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StyroCOOL   Specifications

 Product Core (mm) Inside Sheet (mm) Outside Sheet (mm) Total Thickness (mm) Weight(Kg / Sqm)
StyroCOOL/LT (Dry Goods) 25 2.4 2.4 29.8 8.46
StyroCOOL/RG (Frozen Goods) 45 2.4 2.4 49.8 9.26
StyroCOOL/RG+ (Frozen Goods) 75 2.4 2.4 79.8 10.46
StyroCOOL/HD (Deep Frozen Goods) 100 2.4 2.4 104.8 11.26