StyroBODY panels by StyroMAX are custom designed panels for speciality built truck bodies.

The chart below is our standard range of StryoBODY panels. If you require a body panel with a thickness that is not listed or require a different material as a core, please contact us to discuss your requirements as specific panel thicknesses and core materials (such as plywood) can be manufactured. 


Can be used for:

  • Motorsport Transporters
  • Mobile Workshops
  • Service Bodies
  • Emergency Service Vehicles
  • Customer Service Centres
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StyroBODY    Specifications

 Product Core (mm) Inside Sheet (mm) Outside Sheet (mm) Total Thickness (mm) Weight(Kg / Sqm)
StyroBODY/LT 25 2.4 2.4 29.8 8.46
StyroBODY/RG 45 2.4 2.4 49.8 9.06
StyroBODY/HD 75 2.4 2.4 79.8 10.26